Mandatory Loss Control Recommendations




Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers must be serviced at least ANNUALLY (every 365 days) and must be placed in a readily accessible area, one (1) per every 3000 square feet, or 1 per room.  Different floors must have separate extinguishers, regardless of the total square feet.


If you buy new extinguishers each year rather than pay a contractor to inspect and re-tag them, the old extinguishers must be removed from the business.


Central Station Alarms

If present, alarms must be in working order and turned on at the time of occurrence.


Sprinkler Systems

If present, sprinklers must be in full working capacity and inspected annually by a qualified contractor.




Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression system must be serviced at least semi-annually (every 183 days) by a licensed contractor (an outside service).  A copy of the receipt is required.


Fire Extinguishers

If you have a Wet Chemical System, a "K" type extinguisher is required in your kitchen area.  Extinguishers of all types should be inspected or replaced annually (every 365 days).  A purchase receipt of service is required.


Cooking Surfaces

Stoves, grills and fryers need to be completely under the hood and fire suppression system. Equipment that is even slightly outside the cover of these devices need moved or reconfigured to be covered.