October 31, 2014
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Our email blurb last week elicited quite a bit of feedback, so we've decided to run it again below. 
There have been, and for a few more days will continue to be, a lot of folks out in masks or face-paint for Halloween parties and events. Hopefully your servers will have the good sense to ask to see the face of the person trying to buy alcohol. But what if they're accompanied by one or more people who aren't actually paying for anything, but seem to pretty clearly be with the person who is?  This parallels the story of one of our clients who shared their story in the last week that we wanted to pass along.
This gentleman's business was targeted three times in one evening nearly two weeks ago for "compliance" checks by the Illinois Liquor Control Association. A woman came in with two men and ordered a drink. She was of legal drinking age and was served. The guys weren't drinking at first, but as the bartender got a little busier and they had been hanging out at the bar a little longer, they both decided they'd go ahead and have a beer now as well.  The only problem: they were both under 21.
The ILCC Agent(s) and their decoys came back two more times that day to try and catch a different bartender with the same tactic. The bartenders all asked for IDs and refused to serve the minors.  But not all businesses and their servers are as prepared.
Brace for Additional Liquor Stings In Weeks Ahead

Word around the State of Illinois is that the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, in conjunction with local authorities, will be conducting additional rounds of compliance checks during the upcoming holiday seasons.  This really isn't anything new; the ILCC regularly conducts stings across the state. 


What's new, however, is the level of creativity used.  Rumor has it that aside from using actual minors in the stings, this Halloween they will use costumed minors around Halloween. 


If you or your employees face a questionable liquor sale keep the standard practices for checking IDs in mind:

  • Ask for a valid photo ID
  • Aside from the date of birth, check that the individual before you matches the description and picture on the ID. Quiz them on their height, weight, date of birth, address, etc...
  • Have them remove masks, hats, glasses, etc... so that you can compare the picture on the ID to the person in front of you.
  • Ask for additional forms of ID - preferably another photo ID of some sort.
  • Inspect the ID for signs of tampering or counterfeiting such as cuts, tape or glue, and a blank back


Have you ever encountered an unusual compliance check?  How did you or your employee handle it?  Please share your thoughts or stories on our Facebook page.

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