February 28, 2014




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IGB Stepping Up Inspections


At the Illinois Gaming Board's monthly meeting this past Wednesday morning, the Gaming Board Administrator let everyone know that it has stepped up investigations at licensed locations, most notably a crack down on illegal forms of gambling.  Penalties can be as severe as gaming license revocation.


It was said that starting last month, IGB agents ramped up investigations across the state. As a result, the IGB issued disciplinary actions to nine different gaming locations.  The Administrator said that the violations were all for illegal forms of gambling such as pools, jar games and pull tabs.


These nine locations have been fined $2500 for the violations. Their option is either to pay their fine or contest the decision. If a location does nothing, their gaming license will be revoked.


The Administrator urged every terminal operator to spread the word about this to their locations. Next month is March Madness and the investigators will be out in force looking for anyone betting on the games.


One gaming attorney who attended the meeting, noted that this marks something of a turning point with the Gaming Board. To date, they have largely focused on investigating applications for new licensees. However, this signals that they are now transitioning to include disciplinary investigations as well.  He anticipates that over the next few weeks and months, as the IGB gets better caught up with processing applications, that disciplinary investigations such as these will become more commonplace.


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