February 14, 2014




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Temporary Visitor's Drivers License: Acceptable or Not?


The general rule of thumb with accepting IDs is that they need a photo ID, issued by a state or federal entity, in-person.


This makes drivers licenses, other state-issued ID cards, US active-duty military IDs, passports and Alien registration (green) cards all acceptable forms of IDs.


But things are getting a little more complicated. In December, Illinois began issuing "Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses".  These are for documented immigrants with a VISA but who cannot obtain a Social Security card yet.  They're available only in-person, by appointment at select driving facilities around the state.  But, while they look similar to other state-issued licenses and IDs they do not confer the same rights onto the holder as other forms of ID.


They are for driving only.  They are not valid forms of identification. A TVDL is specifically marked "Not valid for identification" and the holder cannot use them to board airplanes, enter federal buildings, register to vote or apply for a FOID card.  Thus, they should not be accepted for someone trying to buy alcohol in your establishment.


The state of Illinois has issued a chart with more information on these IDs.  You can view, download or print it here if you'd like to pass it around at your next staff meeting.


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