January 10, 2014




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Illinois Concealed Carry Coming: Get Your Posting Up


On July 9th, 2013, Public Act 98-63, the Firearm Concealed Carry Act (430 ILCS 66) became state law.  The Illinois State Police began accepting electronic applications for Concealed Carry permits from most of the public on Sunday. Through Tuesday, they had received over 15,500 applicants and had approved around 13,000, including the early registration that opened in December for firearms instructors. 


The law imposes new requirements on many business and property owners.


Prohibited Areas under the act (beginning at the bottom of page 20 of that link) include the buildings and parking areas of:

  • schools, colleges and any of their common areas
  • day cares
  • Federal, state and local government buildings and offices
  • jails, prisons, detention homes and correctional institutions
  • hospitals and other medical facilities
  • public transportation vehciles and facilities
  • Public playgrounds, parks, fields and athletic areas
  • reception halls and banquet facilities that have Special Event liquor licenses, during the hourse of those special events.
  • collegiate and professional stadiums and arenas
  • public libraries
  • airports
  • amusement parks
  • zoos and museums
  • power plants

and finally, most applicable to many of our clients:


(9) Any building, real property, and parking area under the control of an establishment that serves alcohol on its premises, if more than 50% of the establishment's gross receipts within the prior 3 months is from the sale of alcohol. The owner of an establishment who knowingly fails to prohibit concealed firearms on its premises as provided in this paragraph or who knowingly makes a false statement or record to avoid the prohibition on concealed firearms under this paragraph is subject to the penalty under subsection (c-5) of Section 10-1 of the Liquor Control Act of 1934.



Owners of any areas or properties covered by the statute (or owners of private property who don't want firearms on their premises) must post a sign to comply with the Concealed Carry Act.  The state has adopted specific, standardized requirements regarding the sign; it must be 4" x 6", have a white background, contain no text other than the reference to the Illinois Code and contain a black handgun in a red circle measuring 4" in diameter with a red slash.


A sample can be printed or downloaded here from the Illinois State Police website.


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