August 30, 2013




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Illinois Gaming Licensees Beware: No "Grace Period" For Renewals


At their August meeting earlier this month, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) proposed a rule which would require operators to re-apply and start the license application process anew if the IGB does not receive your renewal fee prior to the expiration date of your current license.


This is potentially a huge decision to the 2231 gaming operators now operating 9115 terminals in Illinois. Having to begin the licensing process from the very beginning would be no small inconvenience for your business.


It's actually not a money issue with the state, for once, as both the new and renewal license fees are $100 each.  But as most applicants have found the IGB moves at their own pace - there's not an exact timeline for becoming licensed. So re-applying for a license could be a few weeks or it could be a few months. Either way, that's a big chunk of time you won't have gaming income, and all, potentially, because your renewal application and fee was as late as a single day.


This is more a cautionary warning right now, as the idea was only proposed at their August meeting. But as new as the video gaming law is in Illinois, the IGB is basically making the rules as they go along. There would be an opportunity at a future monthly meeting for licensees and/or their advocates to voice their opinions on this proposal. Ultimately, however, the IGB will deliberate and rule how they see fit, and who knows how that will go?


Just to be safe, treat your gaming license renewal like the paper is made of solid gold. However you organize - paper calendars or digital, set a remind to begin looking for your renewal application several weeks in advance. If you don't have it by several weeks out, inquire to the IGB about where it is. Never schlep it off, figuring the mail is just delayed. And once you have it, pay it immediately.


Got a horror story about getting approved by the IGB? Have you renewed yet? We welcome your thoughts and comments on the process. Please share on our Facebook page.  We want to hear from you.


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