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July 29, 2011
BDI News: Special Edition


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Protect Against AC Unit Theft
Protect Yourself Against AC Unit Theft

AC Units have been a target of many thieves for a few years now, with scrap metal prices spiking upward the last few years.  As insurance agents, we've seen a trickle of these claims for months.  Lately, however, we've seen a rash of these types of claims.  Whether it's economy related, or another spike in scrap metal prices, or even some organized criminals just working an area, we thought it warranted a word of caution.


AC Unit theft isn't a particularly large claim, money-wise (depending on your unit), compared to other perils your business or home faces.  But if you turn it in, it is a claim against your insurance nonetheless, affecting your future rate.  Not to mention that this is a bad time of year to be without air conditioning, so you could be looking at downtime for your business if you're without AC. 


Below is a picture of a couple of AC Units.

A well-protected unit will deter theft.

This building has two AC units.  They're fenced in, the gate is locked, and note the light above them.  These folks have done about as much as possible to make their units difficult to steal.  If a thief wants them bad enough, he'll find a way to get them, but he's going to have to work for them.  With only $60-$75 worth of copper in these two units combined, the thief will probably move on to another air conditioner, one that's less protected.


Depending on your space and your budget, erecting a fence around your air conditioner(s), may not be feasible.  But it's probably not too expensive to install a light fixture near them to ensure the area is well lit.  Some companies are also offering customized, heavy-duty cages to install around your units.


If your units are in an area that can be secured at night, and you're not in the habit of locking them up, by all means, get in the habit.  Stress to your employees that the gates are to be closed and locked at night.




Thieves will take the path of least resistance to get what they're looking for.  Do what you can to add some level of deterrence.  And if you've been victimized before and haven't adjusted to prevent thieves from coming back, you're begging to be made a repeat victim.

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